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Implementation doctorate

Implementation doctorates are an alternative way of obtaining a doctoral degree, intended for people who want to develop their scientific career and at the same time do not want to give up their professional work outside the university. The doctoral student, working under the supervision of two supervisors - scientific and industrial, prepares a doctoral dissertation, which is to improve the operation of the enterprise. As part of the "Implementation doctorate" programme at the AMU Doctoral School of Exact Sciences, doctoral students can conduct research in two disciplines: chemical sciences and computer science. Obtaining financing for projects under this prestigious programme is the result of cooperation between the Faculty of Chemistry and enterprises involved in the production of fertilizers and plastics, as well as companies from the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries (10 doctoral students in total). Intensive cooperation of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science with companies dealing with natural language processing resulted in joint projects of implementation doctorates for 6 employees.

The subject of the "Implementation doctorate" programme financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is to create conditions for the development of cooperation between entities of the higher education system and science with the socio-economic environment, conducted within doctoral schools and consisting in educating doctoral students in cooperation with entrepreneurs employing them or other entities The Doctoral School of Exact Sciences provides conditions for effective education of doctoral students, so that they can combine their official duties in companies with classes conducted within the framework of curriculum.