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Special Pedagogy of Faculty of Educational Studies - AMU once again the best in Poland!

Studies Ranking Perspektywy 2021 - being an integral part of the University Ranking Perspektywy 2021, confirms that SPECIAL PEDAGOGY at the FACULTY OF EDUCATIONAL STUDIES OF THE UNIVERSITY ADAM MICKIEWICZ in POZNAŃ takes the first place!

The Faculty of Educational Studies with the best course in Poland proves the high rank of education at the University of Adam Mickiewicz. It ranks best in the classification of SPECIAL PEDAGOGY at Polish universities. Faculty of Educational Studies meets the criteria and new principles for calculating indicators to the greatest extent, which form the basis of the methodology of the Ranking of Study Fields for Perspektywy 2021. We are distinguished by prestige (assessed by academic staff), graduates on the labor market (situation of graduates on the labour market), academic potential (research category indicator), potential didactic (accreditations, quality of admissions), scientific potential (publications, citation rates, FWCI, FWVI, TOP 10), internationalization (publications in foreign cooperation, foreign students).

We wish each other every success!

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