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11th National Pedagogical Congress

Dear Colleagues!On behalf of the Polish Pedagogical Society and the community of the Faculty of Educational Studies of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, we would like to address you with an announcement about the 11th National Pedagogical Congress, which will be held on 20-22nd September 2022 in Poznań under the motto Turning Point. Let us build a better world within ourselves and among us.

Please note that registration for the Congress has been extended until 30th April 2022.

The Congress is hosted by the Faculty of Educational Studies of Adam Mickiewicz University. Entrusting the organization of the Congress to the colleagues from Poznań is an expression of recognition on the part of the Polish Pedagogical Society for the leading role of the Faculty of Educational Studies of Adam Mickiewicz University in the development of the identity of Polish pedagogy as well as the lasting commitment of numerous faculty members to strengthen the position and development of the Polish Pedagogical Society.

The 11th National Pedagogical Congress, like the previous Congresses regularly organised by the Polish pedagogical community, aims at facing the particularly pressing problems of the contemporary times, both national and global, which affect culture in all its dimensions, especially the educational one. Willing to tackle these problems, as educators, we show that we have our finger on the pulse of contemporary culture. Through research and sharing the results, we are committed to getting to the root of these problems and proposing rational solutions to them. This great scientific exchange which awaits us this year in Poznań, will be an opportunity - much needed after more than two years of restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic - to meet pedagogues from all research centres in Poland, to renew friendly relations and to mutually confirm the importance of our scientific and social mission.

The subject matter of the 11th National Pedagogical Congress, as the most important scientific event in the three-year terms of the PTP authorities, is specified in the list of the titles of the ten Sections.

1. The turning point. Circles of crises in educational contexts - challenges for pedagogy

2. Man and society in the view of the challenges of the turning point - opportunities and threats

3. Educational policy, school, upbringing, care - towards commitment to creating a better world

4. The turning point - metatheoretical and methodological thought in pedagogy

5. Identity, community, moral space - understand, build and take responsibility for (your) world

6. Multiculturalism, pluralism of values ​​and changes in contemporary culture

7. Labor market, professional career and educational function of work - towards the society of the future

8. Mission, calling and duty of the University

9. Pedagogy in the face of negative social phenomena, threats and pathological behaviour

10. Pedagogy and education in the face of the factors of human destiny in the era of civilization crisis and global crises

Detailed descriptions of the issues of all Sections, as well as other information about the Congress, and above all the possibility of registering for the Congress, are available on the Congress website at:

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